Mar 26, 2011

Teams Work.

The team is still steadily working on a Rance 2. No details on any kind of release schedule, since this project is so much larger than Rance 1 and all the different aspects of the translation have to be handled by people with different talents. In fact, the project is so much larger that we are now working in our own forum (with many thanks to Asqualla, for letting us move in to his place) to get things running smoother and hopefully speed up the entire process. Currently, I'm working on translating some of the images used in-game. If you want to know what others are currently working on, feel free to pop by the development threads in the Team Discussion section on the forum (but please refrain from posting in them... we'll be glad to answer questions or respond to feedback in The Lounge.)


  1. First of all I want to give a HUGE HUGE AS IS UNIVERSE SIZE THANKS for doing these translations and to all the staff and everyone who has helped you finish and work on these translations! There is a small problem I am having however, um what do I have to do with the translation files to get the game into English? I have Rance 1 installed and it works but I can't figure out if I have to use a .exe file to install the English patch or I just drop certain files into the Rance folder? A small explanation on a post on how to install would go a really long way thanks again!!

  2. Haha OH! I didn't realize your file contained the actual game! Wow silly me ^^; Well I'm off to appreciate all your hard work! Gahahaha Rance here I come! <3