Feb 17, 2011


... is actually a bit of a misnomer for this post, since Zweiter and I (and the rest of the translation team, yes, but they don't have posting privileges on the blog, so nya-nya) aren't actually developing a *new* game. Regardless, I've been keeping my ear to the ground about several promising freelance H-Games that are in development (which I'll get around to adding links to eventually,) and Daisy_Strike, who contributed quite a bit to the creation and development of slaves for Slave Maker, has been working on his own project since last summer (perhaps even earlier) and has just released a version that's polished enough to call "official." I recommend heading over there right now and giving the game a run through... but don't spoil anything for me! It's been about a month or two since I've been able to give any of the beta versions a thorough run-through, and I won't be able to get to this one until after the weekend, but I fully intend to put it through its paces in a few days.

::Edit:: Shortly after posting this, CMac announced an alpha overhaul of SlaveMaker so you should head over to the SM blog, or the MasterBloodfer forum and give that a try as well.


  1. Keep up the good work, one of my dreams in life is to play the Rance games translated, and if you guys keep this up, that dream may well be fulfilled.

  2. I know the updates don't come as often as other projects, but believe me, the work is still continuing steadily. As soon as the translated files make it my way for proofing, I'll be updating again, and you'll know that we're much closer to a release for Rance 2.