Jan 6, 2011

Rance and Rance again.

After a bit of a slow start work is starting to move pretty fast on the translations. The entirety of Rance 1 has been through rough translation and is in the editing process as I type this. There will still be several rounds of proofing, editing, reediting and beta testing before anything is released, but a lot of truly significant work has already been done.

More than that, work has already begun on translating Rance 2. It seems there was quite a bit of difficulty hacking some of the proprietary file types to get at the files proper, but we've finally made some headway due to some very helpful folks over on Hongfire (Thanatos in particular) and it looks like as soon as we've finished up with Rance 1, we'll be in a good position to start work on the second game.

I'm afraid I don't have any apropos Rance picture that somehow sums up my post... Zweiter's got me beat in that department. With that, I'm off to do some more editing, because the faster I finish my part, the sooner Zweiter can put the edited text into the game, which means we get to beta testing faster, which means there will sooner be a finished translation for all of you.


  1. Lead on McDuff!

    We are agog to hear about your finished translation patch. It's been too long since Big Bang Age and Sengoku Rance.

  2. Just wanted you to know that RPGCodex really apprecieates your work.

    Rape on!

  3. Wait is this Rance 2 Remake or the real Rance 2?

  4. Weird It's in German. Anyway I'm trying to help get the word out about this blog as much as I can. I posted it around the web hopefully some people who actually understand how to do the coding help! I'm behind you guys 110% thanks for doing this really!

  5. We'll be working with the 2010 Benefit CD re-release version of Rance 2, but like I said, not until we've got Rance 1 pretty well under wraps.

    The first round of proofing has been completed, and changes are being committed. The first round of beta testing should be starting any day now. We'll make the slew of corrections I'm sure will be needed, then go through a few more rounds of beta testing. My thoughts are that we'll probably release a wide beta to get feedback from a larger community at the same time as we get to work on Rance 2.

    Not so weird that the page is in German, really. Zweiterversuch (the project lead and translator) is German, and he's the one who set up the blog.

  6. Haha good to hear! Looking forward to seeing your hard work finally pay off! Really makes me sad I can't do more to help you guys. I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort you guys put in as much as I do!

  7. ... And apparently I lied. Looks like Zweiter's in a hurry to finish with Rance 1, so we're going straight ahead with *open* beta testing. It'll probably be a pain in the ass trying to keep track of bugs as they come in, but it should help us wrap things up faster. I'll keep the blog updated with news, but for the very latest, I'd keep your eyes on the hongfire thread here: