Jan 20, 2011


And we are finally done with Rance 01 we are now advancing to Rance 03 because the hacking of Rance 02
has had some problems.

Now, This game isn't finished yet. Some edited images have to be added to the game and there are some small things to do about the position of the sentences on screen, but it isn't anything game breaking.
I am sure you all will be able to enjoy Rance's first adventure to the most!

Before you start to download the game though:

1) Read the read me.
2) If there are any problems, visit this forum:
3) If you don't want to join the forum, you can alway send me an email to Ranceforthewin@yahoo.com
We will solve your problem in case you have an unknown bug or give you small tips in case you are stuck at some point in the game.

Rance 01 translated, version windows.
Rance -Quest for Hikari-


  1. Thanks for contacting me and I'm sorry for the lack of links to the translation project itself, but I had never noticed the existence of this site.

    I'm also fully aware about the translation efforts for the second and third games, so I'll contact you when there is an eventual release for them.

    I didn't reply to the K1 account due to the bug on the PM system and your account will have to be reset for it to be able to receive PMs, so I'll ask Kureha to do it when he is back.

  2. hacking of Rance 02
    has had some problems

    What problems? Here ready patcher.

    Just contact with uploader he wait. Or if you understand Russia lang use this .exe

  3. Gahahaha!! Way to go!
    I just finished the game. I thank you all for traslating this awesome game! After playing Sengoku Rance I become a fan of Rance, and seeing the roots of the character is somewhat fantastic.

    Thank you all! Keep the good work!

  4. Link is down, please help, I want to try it since i already complete sengoku rance, i want to see how its start

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