Nov 6, 2010



Let this image be the teaser that might bring thousands of people to our blog and many members to our cause of translating one of the most known series of erotic games on the market, RANCE!

Right now we, (me and other person) have created a team with the only goal of translating Rance 02( remake)
Although our team is quite small and lacking several important members such as:


IMAGE EDITORS (1. Back up image editor.)



and maybe some others, we are ready to start working and bring you, dearest reader, what we think would "hook you up" to the mentioned series. I have a lot of confidence in this game and despite it not being as "addicting" as Sengoku Rance, a game I suppose, you, dearest reader, are- maybe- most aquitanced with, it will not dissapoint you in any way besides it's lenght and duration (I know out of experience that this game like many others will leave you with a carving for more).

Now, you might be asking yourself, dearest reader, why, we out of all the other games, selected Rance 02 as the first one to translate?
There is Rance 03 with its aluring and interesting plot, Kichikuou Rance  with its well known gameplay and many endings, Rance 04, Rance 05 with all its weirdness and the famous Rance 06 and it's reknown everything.
Why would we then pick up the second one, huh?

Firstly I have to tell you that I personally would have liked to start with the first Rance game. Unfortunately I own not said game and cannot, for obvious reasons, translate something I don't possess.

Secondly, as it might be known to you, dearest reader, not too long ago ALICESOFT brought to the market a fandisc which contained a remake of the above said game, RANCE 02 -the rebellious Maidens-, together with many other little and wonderful extras. Because of this event it was decided we start with something some people might be interested on at the moment. We also wanted to give you, dearest reader, some information on some characters, you might have taken interest into after playing sengoku Rance or Rance 06 -Zeth's fall-:





and many other new characters that appear in later games of the series. We know that such information could easily be obtained on one of the many sites, that keep record of the Rance games such as WIKI or some forums but we would like for you, dearest of all readers, to read with your own eyes, click with your own fingers, and experience together with Rance and his companions the epicness of what is about to be in Rance's universe.

After all this yibbi yabba I woud finally like to present myself and team workers, I am known as troll #???, ZweiterversucH and together with me is for the moment as Editor, Image editor and Beta tester Futuredark, who might intorduce himself/herself later in another post.

With this I bid farewell and hope that many of you look forward to the game, that mght be done by the end of the year if we become the help we need (Image editors, programmers, hackers. Especially programmers and hackers I have now idea how tecnology works).


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  1. Great news ! I am definitely going to follow your blog and will be looking forward to your success. Rance 1 - 3 is available for free on Alicesoft website, so there shouldn't be a problem with obtaining a copy.

    PS. Please enable anonymous posting of comments!